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The Novel EXperimental & Theoretical Group for Materials Design (NEXT-G Materials Design) is co-supervised by Prof. Wen-Dung Hsu and Prof. Shih-kang Lin at Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan. Materials thermodynamics and kinetics are our core knowledges. With both theoretical (computational) and experimental approaches, we focus on developing new emerging materials for electronic materials, energy materials, and structural materials. Our computational approaches are first-principles calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, CALPHAD thermodynamic modeling, and phase field simulation; and our corresponding experimental skills include various microscopy, spectroscopy, thermal analyses, and electrical measurements.

  • For Electronic Materials, our ongoing projects include advanced electronic packaging technology,environmentally friendly Pb-free solders, electromigration effect in the electronic packaging, and domain wall motion dynamics in electronic ceramics.

  • For Energy materials, we focus on developments of anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials in Li ion batteries (LIBs).

  • For Structural materials, we are working on continuous casting of high-alloy-steels, tire synthesis, and phase equilibria of refractory superalloys and high-entropy alloys.

Our researches are sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as well as industries such as China Steel Company (CSC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering group (ASE), Hitachi Chemical Company (HCC), etc. Current members include the principal investigators, 3 postdoctoral fellow, 35 graduate students (7 Ph.D. and 28 master students) and 14 undergraduate students.

Recent News

Awards and honors

【 2022/03/15 】



【 2021/09/28 】


【 2021/08/18 】


【 2021/07/07 】

狂賀!本實驗室林士剛老師榮獲"德國Humboldt Fellowship"

New publications



恭賀! 林士剛老師、博士生林哲安、畢業生Ralph Nicolai Nasar發表論文 "Ab initio exploration of Co-free layered oxides as cathode materials in Li-ion batteries"於 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.期刊並榮登期刊封面.


恭賀! 林士剛老師、博士生楊智涵發表論文 "Improvements in mechanical properties of Sn-Bi alloys with addition of Zn and In."於 Materials Science & Engineering A期刊


恭賀! 林士剛老師、畢業生Ralph Nicolai Nasar發表論文 "Electrochemical properties of surface-modified hard carbon electrodes for lithium-ion batteries"於 Electrochimica Acta期刊


【 2021/09/12 】 

恭賀!本實驗室研究生黃婉渝將參加  2021 Materials Research Society-Taiwan International Conference (2021 MRSTIC).

【 2021/03/18 】 

恭賀!本實驗室博士後研究員劉禹辰及研究生楊智涵、陳昱清將參加  TMS 2021 in Orlando, USA


Group activities


【 2021/08/23 】

歡迎 展創Ahmad Kholik  加入 NEXT-G

【 2021/08/10 】

歡迎 郭乙臻  加入 NEXT-G

【 2021/06/19 】

歡迎 陳家湄  加入 NEXT-G

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The exploration of effective charge of impurities in Al, Co, Cu, Ag, Sn, or Au host

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The schematic diagram of the universal EM mechanism proposed in this work.

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實驗室尾牙 in 阿霞飯店.jpg
實驗室尾牙 in 阿霞飯店.jpg

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楊智涵 劉禹辰 帶學弟妹闖進材料學堂知識競賽決賽

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Farewell Party for Dr.Tu
Farewell Party for Dr.Tu

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