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About us

The Novel EXperimental & Theoretical Group for Materials Design (NEXT-G Materials Design) is co-supervised by Prof. Wen-Dung Hsu and Prof. Shih-kang Lin at Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan. Materials thermodynamics and kinetics are our core knowledges. With both theoretical (computational) and experimental approaches, we focus on developing new emerging materials for electronic materials, energy materials, and structural materials. Our computational approaches are first-principles calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, CALPHAD thermodynamic modeling, and phase field simulation; and our corresponding experimental skills include various microscopy, spectroscopy, thermal analyses, and electrical measurements.

  • For Electronic Materials, our ongoing projects include advanced electronic packaging technology,environmentally friendly Pb-free solders, electromigration effect in the electronic packaging, and domain wall motion dynamics in electronic ceramics.

  • For Energy materials, we focus on developments of anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials in Li ion batteries (LIBs).

  • For Structural materials, we are working on continuous casting of high-alloy-steels, tire synthesis, and phase equilibria of refractory superalloys and high-entropy alloys.

Our researches are sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as well as industries such as China Steel Company (CSC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering group (ASE), Hitachi Chemical Company (HCC), etc. Current members include the principal investigators, 3 postdoctoral fellow, 35 graduate students (7 Ph.D. and 28 master students) and 14 undergraduate students.

Recent News

Awards and honors

【 2024/03/25 】


【 2023/09/13 】

狂賀! 本實驗室林士剛教授、謝克昌研究教授、張凱鈞博士、邱鈺甯博士生榮獲2023未來科技獎


【 2023/06/21 】


【 2022/011/18 】


【 2021/07/07 】

狂賀!本實驗室林士剛老師榮獲"德國Humboldt Fellowship"

New publications



恭賀! 林士剛老師、畢業生林哲安、博士後研究員龔冠臣博士發表論文 "Low-temperature sintering of Li0.33La0.55TiO3 electrolyte for all-solid-state Li batteries."於 Journal of the European Ceramic Society期刊.


恭賀! 林士剛老師、博士後研究員Ngoc thanh thuy Tran博士發表論文 "Efficiency Boost of (Ag0.5,Cu0.5)(In1-x,Gax)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells by Using a Sequential Process: Effects of Ag-Front Grading and Surface Phase Engineering."於 Advanced Energy Materials期刊


恭賀! 林士剛老師、博士生顏紹宇發表論文 "Low-density CoAlTi-B2 strengthened Al-Co-Cr-Mo-Ti bcc refractory high-entropy superalloy designed with the assistance of high-throughput CALPHAD method."於 Journal of Alloys and Compounds期刊


【 2023/06/12 】 

恭賀!本實驗室​林士剛教授、博士生邱鈺甯、博士生顏紹宇將參加 50th International Conference on Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry (CALPHAD 2023)

【 2023/04/18 】 

恭賀!本實驗室​林士剛教授、博士生楊智涵、碩士生展創將參加 2023 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP)


Group activities


【 2023/09/05 】

歡迎 楊琇媚、阮柏翔、蔡聞謙、胡育嘉、周昱豪、廖品鈞、周原億、王景安、黃泓閩、蔣定波、徐永益、陸柏宏、張誌文、張凱濱  加入 NEXT-G

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